DSpace Dev Mtg Tomorrow @ 15:00 UTC and JIRA Backlog Hour @ 14:00 UTC

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DSpace Dev Mtg Tomorrow @ 15:00 UTC and JIRA Backlog Hour @ 14:00 UTC

Tim Donohue

Tomorrow (Weds, May 21) at 15:00 UTC, we have our weekly DSpace
Developers Meeting in the #duraspace IRC channel. To determine your
local time, check the world clock:

The agenda is posted on our Developer meetings page at:

The notes from last week's meeting are also available off of the
"Meeting Archives" area of that page.

As always, all our meetings are public.  We welcome any developers or
non-developers to attend or just read along with the chat discussions.

If you are unable to attend, you can always add your own notes/thoughts
on any agenda item to the above wiki page.

== JIRA Backlog Hour ==

The hour prior to our Developers Meeting, we will be holding a "JIRA
Backlog Hour" in #dspace IRC (note that it takes place in #dspace and
NOT #duraspace).

During this meeting, developers who are available will begin to work
together to tackle our backlog of "Received" tickets/bug reports in
JIRA. We'll be looking to do a quick analysis of tickets to help move
them along through our workflow. Anyone is welcome to join us (and you
are more than welcome to just join mid-meeting as well).

It's a great way to learn about how we work together to support DSpace,
and also a great way to contribute to DSpace software. Plus, you'll be
helping all of us to determine which tickets (old and new) could use
extra love & attention.

Our current JIRA "Received" backlog is at:

We hope to see you in IRC!


Tim Donohue
Technical Lead for DSpace Project

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