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Dspace Customization - Webui.itemlist.columns


I would like to get the webui.itemlist in the column wise,

So, I have made the corresponding editing in dspace.cfg (copy attached) as given below


webui.itemlist.columns = thumbnail, dc.relation.ispartofseries,
dc.date.issued(date), dc.title, dc.contributor.*, dc.relation.hasversion,

Here dc.title was already there. So I am getting title in the field name, in the column title as “Title”

But, what are all the field I have added afterwards, viz., dc.relation.ispartofseries for “Report no.”

in the display the field name is coming as "???itemlist.dc.relation.ispartofseries.???".  But I want in the field name in the display is "Report no."

- - - - -

But for getting Item display, (webui.itemdisplay.default),  I got help from dspace-users – tech and
I have made corresponding editing in Message.properties (which file I have extracted from the File “Dspace\webapps\jspui\WEB-INF\lib\dspace-api.3.1.jar) and copied edited Message.properties file (copy attached)  into classes directory. for


metadata.dc.relation.ispartofseries = Report no.

Can any dspace-general, dspace-tech; dspace-develop members help me in the above task in “webui.itemlist.columns”

If I have to do the editing in any of the open file or any file has to be extracted for editing.

Thanks for your early reply and help.

C. Sugumaran
Scientist / Engr SF
Documentation Officer
LPSC / ISRO - Valiamala
Trivandrum 695 547
email : csugumaran@gmail.com & c_sugumaran@lpsc.gov.in

I have attached my dspace.cfg & Messages.properties file for your referene.

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Re: Dspace Customization - Webui.itemlist.columns


After a trial and error method, I have found that

By adding


itemlist.dc.relation.ispartofseries = Report No.
itemlist.dc.relation.hasversion= Accn No.
itemlist.dc.relation.haspart   = Dig Accn No.

in the middle of Messages.properties file, I got succeeded for my requirement.

Any body need any help regarding this, can contact me by email -

C. Sugumaran
Scientist / Engr SF
Documentation Officer,
LPSC / ISRO - Trivandrum