[Dspace-general] Announcing the DSpace 1.8.0 Release Schedule & Coordinator

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[Dspace-general] Announcing the DSpace 1.8.0 Release Schedule & Coordinator

Tim Donohue

In keeping with our recent decision to set a regular, timed release
schedule, the DSpace Developers have scheduled DSpace 1.8.0 for release
in October 2011.

DSpace 1.8.0 will be the next major release of the software, promising
new features and improvements to the platform.

Although the exact features have yet to be finalized, many potential
features are listed on our new 1.8.0 Release Notes page (see below),
along with a tentative release schedule. The 1.8.0 feature list may
change in the coming months and only those features fully completed by
the cut-off date of August 19, 2011 will be included in the 1.8.0 release.


If you or you institution would like to contribute ideas or code to
1.8.0, please visit our How To Contribute page for more information.


== DSpace 1.8.0 Release Coordinator - Robin Taylor of EDINA ==

In addition to announcing our DSpace 1.8.0 Release Schedule, we are
ready to announce the 1.8.0 Release Coordinator!

Robin Taylor, a DSpace Committer from EDINA (http://edina.ac.uk/), has
volunteered to coordinate this next major release.

Robin has been involved with the DSpace community for a number of years
both in his current role as a developer for the Jorum project
(http://www.jorum.ac.uk), and previously as a developer with the
University of Edinburgh, supporting their DSpace research archive and
those of a number of other Scottish educational institutions.

The Release Coordinator's role is to help keep the release process "on
track". As DSpace is a community-driven open source project, new ideas
and new features come directly from members of our community. These new
features/ideas are reviewed, approved and scheduled for release by the
DSpace Committer team. It is the Release Coordinator's duty to ensure
that, during these processes, the release is kept on-schedule and
regular updates are provided both to the developers and the community.
(For more information on the code approval processes, please visit the
DSpace Contribution Guidelines:
https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSPACE/ContributionGuidelines )

We hope that you are as excited about these announcements as we are!


The DSpace Committers

The modern datacenter depends on network connectivity to access resources
and provide services. The best practices for maximizing a physical server's
connectivity to a physical network are well understood - see how these
rules translate into the virtual world?
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