troubles with translation and jspui

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troubles with translation and jspui

Igor Lekić
Hi all,

Im Igor Lekic from Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, curently we are in the middle of projest for our Faculty digital library, and we heve choose Dspace for it. I saw that Faculty of Mathematics has translated Dspace for them, but that translation is not complete, I'm courently working on Dspace 1.7.1 translation for JSPUI (about 60% completed), and then I will start translating XMLUI, all related files are translated allready, when finished with jspui, i will send it to Dspace repository. What is my problem, Serbian language is wrothen on two letters, Cirillyc and Latin, we are translating on Latin letters, and maby later we will do transliteration to Cirillyc, but for now it is Latin, but in JSPUI in language selection near English language is Српски, and it should be Srpski (it is Cirillyc not Latin). In dspace.config i have this in webui.supported.locales = sr_yu, sr, en, sb_RS, rs, rs_yu, sr_YU and only sr and en are working, non of the combination isn't giving me Latin output, and I think that it can be done because Faculty of Mathematic is having Latin output.

Can someone help me please

All regrads,

Igor Lekic Faculty of Philosophy . University of Novi Sad
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